Qasa Heavy Duty Rechargeable Led Torch & Lantern (QLTN-3028LMC)


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It is recommended that you charge this Lantern before use.
When you first carry this Lantern in your hands, you will quickly notice its weight. The reason for the weight is the size of battery it has. The is needful for longer hours of use. QASA QLTN-3028LMC  is worth a gift to anyone. With a standard sealed lead battery in the case, you sure have daylight as a company.
It is ideal for reading and lightning your room and wherever you need light. It is very compact and handy. It produces illumination as both a torch or lantern.

It can be used as a Power bank to charge your Smart Phones on a wherever you go basis.
 It is good for reading and lightning your room and wherever you need light. It is very compact and handy, It also comes with a USB charging port and Solar panel provision is made as well. So you can have it charged up if you have a solar panel for recharging the in built battery in case you do not want to always depend on public electricity to get it charged.
At full battery charge, you can have the torch switched on for 30hrs running soley on 24pcs Led lights, 48hrs on 12pcs Led lights and 120hrs on Torch light mode.
Batteries  can always be changed in the event they go bad. You can always buy from our store.

  • Charging time: 20hr
  • Rechargeable battery: 6V 4.5Ah sealed lead-acid
  • Lighting source: 24pcs bright LED / 4pcs torch LED
  • Duration time: 30hr(24pcs LED) / 48hr(12pcs LED) / 120hr(Torch)

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Key features

*AC Power 230v 50Hz
*Torch & Lantern
*Power consumption 1.5w
*Lantern on/off
*Over-discharge & over-charge protection
*USB mobile charger
*Support solar charge
*24pcs bright LED light
*In-Built Rechargeable battery: 6V 4.5Ah


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